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About NSE

John and his team of guides and packers at Northern Sky Expeditions are dedicated to providing their clients with a great hunting experience. 

Northern Sky Expeditions offers backpack hunts in the Alaskan Brooks Range. You will be provided with meals and some of your gear for the duration of the hunt.  A detailed list of items you will be expected to bring  will be communicated with you. 

Northern Sky will step you through the entire booking process including transportation and packing to ensure you are prepared for your hunt. 

Northern Sky Expeditions

Northern Sky Expeditions works hard to provide their clients with the best opportunity for a successful hunt. Experience combined with work ethic and passion is what clients will find with Northern Sky.

Alaska is a gorgeous state– from its towering mountains to its vast tundra. Northern Sky accesses this land with the use of a Super Cub.

Once in the field the miles you will walk, the wildlife you will encounter, and the weather you will endure will forever be impressed upon you turning your experience into an unforgettable Alaskan adventure.

Northern Sky Expeditions is honored to have the opportunity to provide you with a great hunt. 

Providing Clients With an Unforgettable Alaskan Adventure